Enter onto the path of personalized nutrition

About Me

Who We Are

Our years of experience in health, nutrition and proper weight discovery tells us that there are no two people who are alike.  Every person has unique desires and lifestyle.

We work with you to create a program that integrates into your life and that makes sense for your health goals.

What We Can Do For You

  •  Testing to determine your personalized weight plan for health
  • Nutritional consultation and ongoing follow up
  • Anti-aging programs
  • Weight Loss Consultation
  • Yummy Slim Snacks
  • Meals and Meal Plans

Testimonials & Awards

TrimFit4U consultants helped me to find the perfect nutrition and exercise for me!  I lost weight and it was was not difficult with their help. I feel Healthy and happy

- Cathy Rogers

I wanted to lose 20 pounds so that I could improve my golf game.  I did it with the personalized program and regimen and I dropped 4 strokes off my game.  Now I know how to eat and feel great for life.

- Buck Thompson


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